Can you quantify comfort?

As the Edmonton area develops a degree of  “coffee culture” that entails either the homogenized multinationals (Starbucks, Timmies, etc) or the ultra clique-y coffee nerd (a la transcend) there’s a place that’s more like home than a business. A place that is more akin to a visit to your groovy cousin’s home than a cafe. A place where the owner is a carefree friend more than an entrepreneur. This place is Luzzara.

Whether it’s your first step inside or your millionth, you are welcomed with the same vivacious flair from the ebullient Sarah. She is Luzzara, Luzzara is her. There is no division of business and individual. You can just as freely talk about your day as you could a political or sociological issue. The topics flow freely like the exquisitely pulled espresso. The subject matter ebbs from cerebral to silly as easily as Sarah effortlessly swirls a design in your cappuccino.

You can be in there for mere minutes or for hours and her infectious ebullience always elicits a smile. Amidst the kitschy-cool decor and the myriad of clientele that find their way through the doors, you enjoy a unique experience every time.

The only downside to such a rare treasure on East Whyte is the fact that Luzzara will soon be closing. But like any gem, or twinkling celestial body, it’s all the more precious for its rarity. You treasure every moment of its existence, taking in every detail. You notice the care Sarah takes in her every task. You see the passion she has for Luzzara. It is her home. And for a moment in time, it is your home as well.


One comment

  1. Bobbi · July 11, 2011

    Well said!! There were days I drove 40 min for the Luzzara experience, perfect coffee and company! Wishing Sarah the very best!

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