Club Sandwich….With Heat

Earlier this week, when Doef’s Greenhouse updated their twitter (@doefs) about their fresh jalapeños being ready, I was at the market bright and early to get a bundle of them. On my way home I let my mind wander on the bus and thought of roasting some of the jalapeños with onions and make a barbecue sauce. That developed into a sandwich when I mentioned to a friend that we’d have a BLT. So it became a club sandwich with a Roasted Jalapeño Barbecue Sauce.

I started by roasting a few jalapeños with some sliced onions

photo(4)   Then peeled the roasted jalapeños and puréed them with the onions and rhubarb juice (yes, I froze a bunch of rhubarb juice from last summer. It’s awesome).

   I added this purée to a small saucepan with molasses, rice wine vinegar, grated fresh apple and pear and reduced it until thick.

For the Roasted Jalapeño Barbecue Sauce:

   4 Doef’s Greenhouse fresh jalapeño peppers

   1 medium August Organics yellow onion, peeled, thickly sliced

   1 Tbsp Mighty Trio Organics cold pressed canola oil

   1 cup rhubarb juice (or apple juice)

   1/4 cup blackstrap molasses

   1/4 cup rice wine vinegar

   2 Steve & Dans BC Fruit medium apples, finely grated

   1 Steve & Dans BC Fruit medium pear, finely grated (I used a Confederation pear, but a Bosc or Bartlett variety is fine too)

   Preheat the oven to 200C/425F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

   On the prepared baking sheet, drizzle it with the canola oil. Rub the thick onion slices with oil on both sides and place the fresh, whole jalapeños next to the onions. Roast in the preheated oven for 30 minutes, turning the onions and jalapeños halfway through the roasting process. Remove from the oven and allow to cool.

   Peel the skin from the roasted jalapeños, remove the seeds and roughly chop the onions. Add to a food processor or blender with the rhubarb juice. Purée until smooth. Add this mixture to a small saucepan with the molasses, vinegar, grated apples and pears. Purée this mixture again with a hand blender and simmer over medium to medium-low heat for 20-30 minutes or until very thick.

   This sauce is very spicy. As a spread on a sandwich, I decided to cut it 1:1 with plain yogurt.


   But for coating some shredded roast chicken, I folded the unadulterated barbecue sauce over it.


   After adding the barbecue, shredded chicken, I added some spinach leaves, along with a simple salad of quartered cherry tomatoes, crumbled 8 year old cheddar, a few drops of cold pressed flax oil and black pepper.


      And to make any club sandwich complete: bacon. I love the nitrate-free side bacon I get from Sunshine Organic Farm. Their mildly salted, and richly smoked bacon, with rind attached is a crispy delight.


   All of this sandwiched between two slices of the latest creation from one of my favourite bakeries, Bon Ton Bakery, using Gold Forest Grains heritage Park wheat flour.


For the Roasted Jalapeño Chicken Club Sandwich:

   8 slices Bon Ton Bakery heritage whole wheat bread

   1/4 cup + 3 Tbsp prepared Roasted Jalapeño Barbecue Sauce

   3 Tbsp plain yogurt

   1-1/2 cups cooked Sunshine Organic chicken, shredded

   1 cup Morinville Greenhouse, spinach leaves

   10-12 Doef’s Greenhouse cherry tomatoes

   100g Sylvan Star Cheese 8 year old cheddar, crumbled

   1 tsp Mighty Trio Organics cold pressed flax oil

   1/4 tsp ground black pepper

   450g/1 lb Sunshine Organics nitrate-free side bacon, cooked until crisp

   Blend 3 Tbsp of the barbecue sauce and yogurt into a smooth spread. Top each slice of bread with the spread. Toss the remaining 1/4 cup of barbecue sauce with the shredded chicken and top each alternate slice of bread. Top the chicken with spinach leaves.

   Combine the quartered tomatoes with the crumbled cheddar, flax oil and black pepper and top the spinach leaves. Add the crispy bacon slices and top with the remaining bread slices. Serves 4.


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