Drink Your Rhubarb

Spring always means an abundance of rhubarb. Some people dread it, while others are begging for it by the garbage bag load. Pies are nice, fruit crisps/crumbles/cobblers are good, but I thought one day to juice it and think of it like lemons. If life gives you rhubarb you make rhubarbade….or something like that.

Basic Rhubarb Juice

4 cups fresh rhubarb, chopped

If you have a juicer, you can run the rhubarb through a juicer. I usually purée it in a blender and strain it into a small saucepan. It could be strained into a pitcher and allowed to chill overnight in the refrigerator if you’d like. This will slowly separate the fine green fibre from the rhubarb juice. Or you could simmer it briefly on the stove to do this a little faster.
If you strain directly into a saucepan, the greenish component will initially look like a nearly neon green foam on top.


Once you begin to simmer the rhubarb juice over medium high heat, more or the green fibre will start to separate and float to the top and it can be easily skimmed.


At this point, the juice has reduced slightly and concentrated its flavour. I like to add 1/4 cup honey to sweeten it and stir it in to dissolve. This yields about 1 cup of sweetened rhubarb juice. Cool and refrigerate until needed.
To serve, you can go in a few directions. Pour 1/4 of the glass full of sweetened rhubarb juice over ice and top up the glass with sparkling water.
You could also serve it like a hot cider and fill 1/4 of a mug with sweetened rhubarb juice and top with boiling water.
A third way I like is to take the cold sparkling option that I mentioned first and add a scoop of Vanilla Frozen Ewegurt from a previous blog to make a Fizzy Rhubarb Float.



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