Tomato Turos Salad: The First Taste of a Summer of Salads

I’m not the most regular contributor to my blog, but I’ll add posts in bursts. Some manic inspiration, but sometimes it is because I have a concept to challenge myself to create more. In December, I do a recipe a day during Advent. Mainly it’s supposed to be fun. One of those “good idea at the time” things until I get three weeks into it and wonder, “What was I thinking?”
I had another idea a couple of weeks ago as summer started to approach: “What if I did a different salad every day during the summer starting on the summer solstice?”
I’ll probably be saying to myself, “What were you thinking?” again in a few weeks since I counted 93 days in summer, but the only way to challenge myself is to go completely over the top.
The first salad of summer is something I often eat as a snack in the evening when I just want a little bite: a tomato-aged cheese salad. Or in this case, Tomato-Turos Salad. The cheese component of it can be interchanged with any number of aged crumbly cheeses, but in this case, I was reading more on my Hungarian culinary heritage and came upon Turos, an easy farmer-style cheese. Think of it like a dry cottage cheese. It’s a great way to use up milk and buttermilk that may be on the edge of its best before date. I’ll start with how to make the cheese, then go to the salad.

Turos (Hungarian Style Farmer’s Cheese)

3 cups Vital Green Farms organic whole milk (3.5%)
1 cup Vital Green Farms organic buttermilk (must have active bacterial culture or it won’t work)

Place the milk and buttermilk in a large pot with a tight fitting lid that can go in the oven. Allow to sit at room temperature on the counter for 2-3 days. There should be a slight separation of curds and whey.
Preheat oven to 90C/200F.
Place the separated milk/buttermilk mixture in the preheated oven with the lid on and slow cook for 6 hours or until the curds completely separate from the whey.


Pour the curds and whey through a strainer (lined with two layers of cheesecloth) set over a large bowl. Allow all of the whey to strain through. The whey can be used to make homemade ricotta or some people drink it as an extra protein boost (or add to smoothies). Reserve the curd, this is Turos. It can be stored in a container with a tight fitting lid in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.


Tomato-Turos Salad

20-25 Doef’s Greenhouses cherry tomatoes, cut into 1 cm (1/2″) pieces
1/2 cup prepared Turos (or other dry crumbly cheese like feta)
2 Tbsp Mighty Trio Organics cold pressed flax oil

Combine the tomatoes and Turos in a medium bowl, drizzle with flax oil. Serves 3-4 as a starter or side.



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