Buckwheat Honey Sriracha Roast Chicken Legs

A couple of weeks ago, a lovely friend of mine gave me a bunch of buckwheat honey. Each variety of honey has their own unique flavour profile depending on the flowers the bees dined upon. With buckwheat flowers, the resultant honey is bold, molasses-like and a bit musky for some tastes. My friend hadn’t experienced buckwheat honey before and was somewhat overwhelmed so she wanted to give it a good home. She kindly thought of my penchant for odd flavour combinations and creativity so she gave me several jars of this intense nectar.


Happily and graciously, I started to dream of various things to do with it. Desserts, granola (just tweaking the recipe on that before blogging, coming soon), then when I made my homemade sriracha sauce, I couldn’t resist making a quick glaze for chicken legs. It’s easy and mostly hands free so you can prepare other sides with it or just two fist these guys and gnaw on them like your living in a cave!! Enjoy!!

Buckwheat Honey Sriracha Roast Chicken Legs:

For the glaze:

3 Tbsp sriracha sauce (homemade or store bought)

2 Tbsp buckwheat honey (or any honey if you aren’t a fan of the intense flavour of buckwheat honey)

4 tsp butter

   In a small saucepan over medium heat, add the sriracha, honey and butter. Stir until the butter melts and the glaze is smoothly combined. Set aside to cool.

For the Buckwheat Honey Sriracha Roast Chicken Legs:

3 stalks celery, roughly chopped

2 whole chicken legs, or 4 chicken thighs or drumsticks

Reserved glaze

   Preheat oven to 190C/375F.

   In a medium, deep roasting pan, add the chopped celery. Place the legs, skin-side up on the chopped celery. Divide the glaze over the top of the legs, brushing it evenly. Add about 1-1/2 to 2 cups of water to the bottom of the pan.


Place on the lower rack of the preheated oven and roast for 40 minutes or until deeply golden on top.


The skin turns into crazy-cracklin crisp so eat it or you’re missing out on most of the beauty of this dish!! Serve with mashed potatoes, rice, salad or on its own. Or use it in a couple of recipes…..keep scrolling….It’s spam-blog day!!!


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