Marjoram Sweet Pea and Egg Sandwich with Fresh Sambal Oelek

During another hot day yesterday afternoon, I was eating some of the fresh peas I had picked up at the farmer’s market this weekend. There’s nothing that matches that fresh pop of biting into a fresh pea. People can say what they want about frozen being as good as fresh. In certain situations, frozen peas can be useful, but that “pop” is gone if you tried to just eat a bowl of them as a snack.

This morning I woke up, did my Monday cardio and thankfully, a cooling shower had started. A few distant rumbles of thunder livened up my morning and I wanted a breakfast sandwich that gave me that “pop” experience with the peas that I’d enjoyed the day before.

I’ve been eating a lot of open-faced sandwiches lately, inspired by various countries in Europe. With some hardboiled eggs, I was somewhat influenced by the Swedish smörgäs. The sambal inspiration came partly from my love of spicy elements in hot weather, but also from my neighbourhood bakery. It’s run by a lovely Dutch family and they recommended having a baguette with Indonesian peanut sauce and sambal as the dipping sauces. I loved the idea and may play with that combination more in future sandwiches, but for today, my homemade sambal oelek as an accent to the sweet peas were just right after a reprieve in the hot weather.

Marjoram Sweet Pea and Egg Sandwich with Fresh Sambal Oelek:

For the Fresh Sambal Oelek:

5 long finger chillis, stems trimmed off and roughly chopped

2 Tbsp rice vinegar

1/2 tsp salt

   Place all of the ingredients in a food processor. Pulse a few times to get a chunky paste. Set aside.

For the Marjoram Sweet Pea Spread:

2/3 cup fresh peas (measured after shelling from the pods)

2 Tbsp fresh marjoram (or oregano or thyme if you’d rather)

1/4 cup cold pressed oil (I used camelina oil, but a good extra virgin olive oil would be okay)

2 spring onions, finely chopped

   Place the peas in a small pot of boiling water over medium high heat. Blanch for 2 minutes, just to soften slightly, but remaining largely “crisp.” Transfer the peas to ice water to cool.

   Add the peas, marjoram and oil to a food processor. Pulse a few times to just bring the spread together. It should still be quite chunky. Fold in the spring onions. Set aside.

For the sandwich:

4 slices rye bread, toasted if you like

Prepared Fresh Sambal Oelek

Prepared Marjoram Sweet Pea Spread

3 hardboiled eggs, peeled and thickly sliced

   Divide the Marjoram Sweet Pea Spread over the rye bread, spreading it thickly on each piece. Fan out some sliced hardboiled egg over one side of the bread. Add a dollop of Fresh Sambal Oelek and sprinkle with a bit of chopped spring onion. Serves 2-3.



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