Apricot Jalapeño Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I was working on a multi-step sandwich for most of the day today. It was approaching dinner time and I thought, “Crap, I’m not gonna get this done and have the right pictures for it,” so I made a quick sandwich that I knew I could complete in ten minutes or less. A grilled cheese sandwich.

Yes, I know, it’s ridiculously easy, but when you’re pressed for time in a self-imposed daily deadline, you look at what interesting things that can go in a sandwich and make it happen. Today happened to be a “spicy and fruity” mood and the apricots were getting more ripe, so they went and played nice with some fiery jalapeños! Enjoy!

Apricot Jalapeño Grilled Cheese Sandwich:

4 slices whole wheat sandwich bread

4 Tbsp butter

100g/4 oz gruyere cheese, thinly sliced

2 ripe apricots, halved, pitted, then cut into 1cm (1/2″) wedges

2 jalapeño peppers, stems, seeds and ribs removed, thinly sliced lengthwise

   Preheat a large nonstick pan or griddle pan over medium heat.

   Spread the butter over the sandwich bread. Lay two of the slices, butter side down in the preheated pan. Lay some gruyere slices on the bread. Top with evenly distributed apricot wedges and jalapeño slices.


Top with the remaining cheese and the other bread slices, buttered side up. Griddle for 3-4 minutes or until deeply golden. Turn the sandwiches and griddle for another 3-4 minutes making sure the cheese has melted. Serves 2.



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