Sweet Banana Pepper and Snap Pea Sandwich

It’s getting to the point in the summer that my little patio garden is starting to produce a little bit. I’m only growing a few kinds of tomatoes and peppers, partly because of space (little apartment balcony) and partly because of the time crunch in the key weeks to plant things. Anyways, I’m happy that my sweet banana peppers looked like this lately:


I plucked a couple of them off today and wanted a simple sandwich to really enjoy the subtle flavour. Plus, my sandwiches have been rather complex lately, so a quick and easy one was in order. Enjoy!!

Sweet Banana Pepper and Snap Pea Sandwich

2 medium sweet banana peppers, stems and seeds removed, cut into julienne strips

6-8 edible pod snap peas, cut into julienne strips

50g/2 oz fresco cheese (or chevre or cream cheese)

4 slices rye bread or Dinkelbröd

    On each slice of bread, liberally spread a good tablespoon or two of fresco cheese. Evenly space out the julienne strips of banana peppers and snap peas. Serves 2 as a light lunch or tea.



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