Bouquet of Salad Wrap

It was a day of extremes. A super happy morning at a couple of farmer’s markets and awesome cappuccino and treats. 

   I got home, put away all of my summer bounty of fresh goodness and opened my emails. My credit card told me my account was compromised. I was a growling ultra-masculine angry mess for a couple of hours. 

   I stopped. Breathed. And breathed. Slower. Slowed down the vitriol in my mind and let it go to the one thing that 100% makes me happy: The beautiful food I had picked up earlier. 

   It was a flowery day it seems. Two different vegetable growers had edible flowers. One had nasturtium flowers and young leaves. The other, had broccoli rabe flowers. 

   I had never seen or heard of broccoli rabe flowers before. Broccoli rabe itself? Sure. But not the flowers. 

   They’re tingly spicy like arugula, but the slightest background sweetness of broccoli. It’s like the broccoli part said, “Whoa big guy!! That spicy bitter thing you got going on needs to mellow out. Here’s a little sweetness!!” 

   So they hugged it out with some birds and bees and made flower babies…or something like that. I’m not a botanist!! 

   Anyways, a super fresh salad wrap was the result of today’s madness. Enjoy!! 

Bouquet of Salad Wrap 

3 whole wheat flatbreads or tortillas

1/4 of a long English Cucumber, cut into 2cm/1″ x 5cm/2″ sticks

1 small carrot, sliced thinly on an angle

1 baby beet, peeled and cut into a fine julienne 

3 red orach leaves (or large butter lettuce leaves)

3 radishes, thinly sliced 

50g/2 oz broccoli rabe flowers (or arugula with a few dandelion flowers)

50 g/2 oz nasturtium leaves (or parsley leaves)

3 nasturtium flowers

1/4 cup Saskatoon berries (a Prairie Canadian berry somewhat like a huckleberry. Use a blueberry or your favourite berry if you like)

   On each flatbread, lay a red orach leaf. On the lower half of the leaf, lay a few cucumber sticks and carrot slices. 

   On the central part of the red orach leaf, fan out the radish slices. 

   On the upper part of the red orach leaf, scatter some young nasturtium leaves, broccoli rabe flowers and a nasturtium flower. 

   In the middle of everything, put a small pile of julienne beets and top with a scattering of Saskatoon berries. Serves 3. 



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